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Turbo-TRAX is the transcript analysis software licensed to all high schools in British Columbia. Electronic transcript data can be pre-processed with Turbo-TRAX before it is submitted.  BC high schools can download the latest Turbo-TRAX and its manual free of charge.   Version 7.20 is the release for use in the 2017-2018 school year. 


Updated versions will be released at various times during the school year, so please check back to this website each time you are about to make a submission.


Note:  Many schools have asked us to keep Turbo-TRAX available to schools beyond July 2017 (the end date of Ministry funding for Turbo-TRAX).  We plan to continue to supply updates to Turbo-TRAX at no charge! 

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What’s New in Version 7.20: 

·         This version contains all the latest course code tables for the 2017-2018 school year.

·         Version 7.20 is compatible with vDOS.   vDOS allows Turbo-TRAX to be used on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10! 

·         Added the new 2018 Grad Requirement year.  Turbo-TRAX can still print the TVR for students on this program, but it does not calculate whether the student meets the new graduation requirements.

·         Added the two new NME and NMF course codes.

·         Old global error counts for the number of exam courses have been removed.



To obtain Turbo-TRAX, you download a file that will install Turbo-TRAX onto your computer.   Here are the steps to downloading and installing Turbo-TRAX.    (Note that there are two different installation programs, one for Windows computers and one for MS-DOS computers.) 

Note:   Turbo-TRAX will only work with 64-bit Windows versions if you have an emulator like vDOS.   vDOS is a public domain software that allows you to run Turbo-TRAX in 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  vDOS only takes a 5 to 10 minutes to install and set up and it only needs to be done once.    Here is the link where you will find the latest installation instructions for vDOS and Turbo-TRAX:  

Installation Instructions vDOS and Turbo-TRAX

Please call us at 604-266-3798 if you need help with this installation process.   



1.      Click on Download TRAX720.EXE.

2.      A window will appear asking you whether you want to Run (or Open) the file or Save it to disk.  Choose “Run(or “Open”) if you are given the choice.

3.      Otherwise, if you are only given the choice to “Save” the file:

a.       Save the file to your hard disk (preferably to your desktop).

b.      Use Windows Explorer to locate where you saved the file.

c.       Then double-click on the file to run it.

4.      If a window appears asking if you want to install and run the file, click on “Yes”.

5.      Eventually a screen will appear titled “Turbo-TRAX 7.20”.  Click on “Next”.

6.      A screen titled “Installation Options” will appear.  Click on “Install”.  Installation will begin.

7.      Finally, a screen will appear titled “Installation Completed”.  Click on “Finish”.

8.      After installation, you can start the program by double-clicking Turbo-TRAX (or Turbo-TRAX vDOS if installed) icon on your desktop.  


Download TRAX720.EXE    (Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit and vDOS on 64-bit operating systems)




The Turbo-TRAX manual consists of an Adobe Acrobat format PDF file.  To print your own copy of the Turbo-TRAX manual, follow these steps.

1.      Click on Turbo-TRAX  V7.10  Manual below to download the file.  Your internet browser should automatically launch Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you have it).  

2.      The Turbo-TRAX manual will appear on the screen.   Next, from the Acrobat Reader menu, select File - Print to print your copy of the manual.

                                     Turbo-TRAX V7.10 Manual


If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download a free copy from Adobe.

                                    Click Here to go to the Adobe Website

Please don’t forget to visit our TCS home page and look under Support – Turbo-TRAX Support to find answers to commonly asked Turbo-TRAX questions. 

TCS Home Page